It seems there are so many people out there that believe the louder, prouder and more action heavy a game adventure is the better and the more Hollywood blockbusters they can come up with the better. However, those who are fans of the stealth genre would beg to differ. These are those gamers who happen to like to move through a field of enemies without being seen or noticed that they were even there. Often times it is far more fun that shooting off a bunch of bullets. Here are a few of some of the best stealth games to have hit the market.

Batman: Arkham Asylum – Even though it is a Batman game and yes, most are not totally stealth games, this is a very well designed game starring DC Comic’s famous hero. It is a game that puts the player in the famous cape and cowl and gives the player a chance to see what it really feels like to be one with the darkness like Batman. The most memorable moments of this game and the sequels is that the game recreates Batman’s famous skills of stealth. He is soundless overhead, he creeps in the shadows and will use fear against his enemies. This is a great one for gamers who love the art of stealth.

Far Cry 3 – Even though this game is billed as an action fueled adventure style game, this is only skin deep because hidden within this game is a very well designed and quite satisfying stealth engine that is ideal for any gamer who seeks the chance to be silent and unseen even in broad daylight. This game offers an open world stealth that is far more competent than you might think.

Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay – This game is a far cry better than the actual movies that it is linked to, in fact for most movie goers, the movies were horrible but the game is critically acclaimed and some think that is one of the best games of its generation. It blends some great first person stealth and action together against the backdrop of a high maximum security prison breakout. The story is gripping and is a wonderful stealth experience.

Hitman: Blood Money – This series of games has always given gamers many incentives for a very quiet and stealthy approach as it executes assassination contracts that make up most of the content of the games. Players in this game can stash bodies so to avoid any suspicion, they can make kills look like accidents which can even lead to absurd or even brilliant results. Blood Money for some is considered the best one in this series of games.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory – Of course for all stealth junkies, the name Splinter Cell pretty much is synonymous with stealth games and it this game is definitely worthy of the “Tom Clancy” name. Chaos Theory if probably by far the best one of the series and may even be ahead of its time. This series follows the games hero Sam Fisher and in this game Chaos Theroy takes the core gameplay of Splinter Cell and strips away some of the annoying mechanics of the other games. There are no more alarms sounding off if no guards are present. This is a wonderful stealth experience and it sets a very high standard for any future games of its kind.

Thief: The Dark Project – Fans of the original Thief were pretty skeptical when this one came out because they didn’t think anything better could be made and they were skeptical about the use of light and sound and still be able to stay concealed. However, those who took the challenge realized that they could use their HUD’s “Light gem” to determine that they were not just hidden from sight but to see how hidden they really were and how to navigate through dark spaces and not just dark shadows. This is one of those stealth games that continues to stand the test of time.

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